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“I help high-stakes leaders share their talents and strengths with a grateful world”
– John M. Collins

Earning the confidence of the public is a privilege - losing it is a nightmare.

  • Your team matters
  • The pressures are high
  • Opportunity awaits
  • Your vision is clear
  • You’re proud of your mission
  • Your people are engaged
  • But….there’s something else
  • Expectations challenge your culture
  • Something’s holding you back
  • What is it?

Your team has another gear - let's make the shift.

We empower clients to achieve their goals through science-based strength coaching and facilitated learning

  • Earn and retain stakeholder confidence
  • Optimize organizational culture
  • Identify barriers to effective execution
  • Grow individual effectiveness “at level”
  • Establish rhythmic communication patterns
  • Elevate organizational optimism
  • Build coaching and mentoring talent in-house
  • Nurture healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Stop the bleeding of revenue and operational power
  • Vaccinate your culture from toxic personalities
  • Clarify your vision
  • Build customer/stakeholder loyalty
  • Align talent with strategy
  • Celebrate your achievements
  • Earn the future you desire


Public Trust Coach  |  Executive Coach  |  Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach  |  Author

Thank you for visiting!

My name is John Collins and my job is to help you or your team solve a mystery, which is how to make effective leadership a naturally-occurring phenomenon across your organization.

Effective leadership is rare, complicated, and difficult to master.  As difficult as it is for individuals to grasp it, it’s even harder for teams to scale it.

We help you accomplish this by scaling up individual effectiveness and rhythmic communication across all four domains of organizational accountability:

  • Executive Level
  • Managerial Level
  • Professional Level
  • Preprofessional Level

What sets me apart

My credentials and experience speak for themselves. I’ve been there. I’ve worked in the trenches dealing with some of the most high-pressure, high-stakes situations imaginable.

I’ve led multi-million dollar teams, restored toxic cultures, turned chaos into cadence, and unleashed the talents of highly-skilled, highly-educated professionals.

“John shared many personal experiences on many issues that will definitely help me in further develop as a leader within my organization.”

“John is an exceptional executive coach with insightful perspectives. I found his recommendations to be extremely helpful and easy to implement.”

Critical Victories helps develop leadership effectiveness among people, teams, and organizations in high-stakes, high-pressure industries and occupations – with an emphasis on public safety.  These are cultures chronically strained by the demands of their work. With a collaborative and optimistic approach, we identify where teams are bleeding revenue and leaking power, then we establish an optimization framework that allows our clients to transcend the pressures that burden them.

Examples of my client's industries:

  • Forensic Science
  • Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Process
  • Aviation
  • Banking/Lending
  • Healthcare/Medicine
  • Law practice
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Education (Collegiate)

What to expect

Detailed analysis
High-energy conversations
Inspirational ideas
Organizational momentum
Chronic collaboration
Voluntary Engagement
Lower anxiety
Enhanced team focus
Economized execution
Results you can be proud of

Let's get to work unleashing the energy of your team - today!

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