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    A High-Stakes Coaching Clinic

    For people, teams, and organizations having a mission of significant public consequence

    • Transformational Learning Programs
    • Individual Effectiveness Coaching
    • Executive Leadership Coaching
    • Strategic Facilitation
    • Internal Team Consulting
    • Forensic Organizational Analysis

Our Practice


We specialize in working with people, teams, and organizations who work in high-stakes, high-impact industries and occupations.

To be a high-stakes, high-impact team is to have a mission of public consequence where the work and decisions significantly affect someone’s quality of life.  In these environments, the work is often intellectually, technically, or ethically intensive.

Examples of industries from which our clients have originated include: accounting, aviation, collegiate sports, elective office, forensic science, government, healthcare, law enforcement, sales and marketing, and professional sports.


It is our belief that potential is costly, requiring a shift in personal and organizational behaviors when our clients decide it is time for improvement.

Therefore, it is the mission of Critical Victories to optimize the organizational conditions that influence individual and collective execution of strategy.

We achieve our mission by clearly identifying barriers to success and enabling individual effectiveness at any/all levels of organizational accountability.

We envision our clients leveraging our expertise as they work to improve or sustain the quality of life of our fellow citizens and their institutions.


We strive to produce a transformative effect that raises the performance of the people, teams, and organizations we serve.  We do so by building individual effectiveness at level. This means that we help our clients evaluate and strengthen professional performance at the four tiers of organizational accountability:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Professionals
  • Pre-Professionals

In doing so, we meet our clients where they are – however they are – helping them to achieve the levels of professional excellence they expect from themselves.

  • Biography

    John M. Collins is a High-Stakes Executive Coach, Leadership Strategist, and Author. John specializes in developing leadership skills, professionalism, and personal effectiveness among experts, skilled professionals, and administrators working in occupations that are technically, intellectually, and/or ethically demanding. Before starting his private consulting and coaching practice, John was an accomplished forensic scientist and forensic laboratory administrator, having published two pioneering books related to forensic science. Although John remains active in the forensic science community, his work has expanded into other consequential professions including accounting, law practice, aviation, health sciences, law enforcement, marketing, criminal justice, and banking.

    John holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management, is certified as a senior HR professional by the Society for Human Resource Management, and is formally trained by the College of Executive Coaching.

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