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Changes to the Critical Victories Podcast

There are approximately 2 1/2 million podcasts and some some 48 million episodes among them, according to Stephan Campbell writing for the Small Business Blog in December of 2022.

In the days of the revered Walter Cronkite, there was one opinion, one perspective that mattered more than all of the others combined, and it belonged to Walter Cronkite. His was the perspective you needed to know to orient yourself in the world and have even the slightest fighting chance of knowing what was going on both at home and oversees.

But after Cronkite’s retirement, other news anchors such as Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings began to share in the prominence that Cronkite once held on his own. Now there were three perspectives worthy of our attention.

Now, at the dawn of 2023, it might seem that we have no problems finding the most authoritative opinions because they are so easily accessible. But, in fact, they are not. And perhaps, it’s never been harder to find them.

Before the internet and the technology revolution that exploded with its inception, the technologies that allowed for network broadcasting provided the connection that kept a guy like Cronkite accessible to evening viewers. Without it, the average family with a television or radio had no way to stay informed, other than newspapers. And don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of newspapers and hope they make a resurgence in the not-too-distant future. But there is nothing like being able to see the face of a commentator or hear her voice, something that newspapers can’t replicate.

Today, the digital age has empowered everyone with the ability to connect with anyone. This means that the biggest challenge facing those of us who are trying to find the true thought-leaders on particular subjects is no longer a technological one but a logistical one. Like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack, we are forced to cope with the plethora of “authorities” out there as we seek to find the very few whose experience and credibility rise head and shoulders above the rest.

For someone like me who helps a very specific subset of clients improve their professional lives and leadership capabilities, I found the opportunity to create and host a podcast to be a worthy endeavor, one that would allow me to reach an interested audience and prospective clients in a creative and constructive way.

But as you probably know and can appreciate, there is no shortage of leadership coaches out there and other leadership gurus who have their own opinions about how to lead. As I stake my own professional experiences against theirs, I find that my own background aligns almost perfectly with the critical messages that I want my podcast to distribute to those who might benefit from them. Too few coaches and podcast hosts, in my opinion, can back up their commentary with relevant professional experience in the way that I can and seek to do.

So I’ve decided to leverage and work off of an existing business model that will allow me to do what I do best and grow an audience that finds what I have to share to be interesting, informative, and convenient to their busy schedules. And in doing so will allow me to share thoughts and opinions in a way that only I can, based on professional and leadership experience that is unique to me.

So, periodically, I author articles that I post at my website called Trust Perspectives. I will do this a few times each month. These are opinion pieces covering a wide range of topics related very specifically to high-stakes leadership in occupations where high levels of expertise are needed to earn and retain the trust of the public or other consequential stakeholders.

After writing each article, I will post them at my website and distribute them through my social media channels, as I always do, but I will then personally read them to you, just as I am doing right now. In my recordings, I will also share with you some extra personal, off-the-cuff insights about what inspired the article and why I think it’s important to my clients and listeners. I may also, from time to time, seek out guests who can join me to discuss these topics with me in more detail. Maybe that guest will be you!

This model of publication and audio broadcasting will allow me to do more episodes but keep them shorter and more focused. The kinds of individuals that I seek to reach don’t have time for rambling and I think would prefer a more disciplined way of exploring leadership topics of interest to them.

So as we kick off 2023, I’m really excited to be making this change to my podcast and hope you will be willing to share episodes with your own network, helping me to build an audience of listeners who care deeply about high-quality leadership when the stakes are at their highest.

This is the kind of leadership that affects the quality of people’s lives, and there is very little room for error, if there is any at all.

John M. Collins is an executive leadership coach at Critical Victories in Southfield, Michigan. He specializes in supporting clients in high-stakes occupations requiring high levels of expertise to earn and retain the trust of the public or other consequential stakeholders. John shares some of his unique philosophies and insights on high-stakes leadership in his 2022 book, THE NEW SUPERIOR – A BETTER WAY TO BE THE ONE IN CHARGE (, available in hardcover and audio.

John works with people, teams, and organizations across the United States and oversees. If you are serious about expanding your leadership effectiveness, click below to request a free client strategy call:

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