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September 30, 2024
Association of Forensic Quality Assurance Managers
Daytona Beach, Florida
8:00am – 5:00pm
Facilitated by John M. Collins

– This is an in-person event only. No virtual option.
– Lunch and refreshments provided

Hurry – space is limited!


“I Would Never Do Something Like That.”

The study of ethics is not what most people think it is. And there is a formidable barrier to ethical and moral decision-making that deserves our attention during times of temptation and vulnerability, which is one’s own conditioned belief that he or she is too strong to succumb to catastrophic urges or impulses. But as we learn in TRUE INTEGRITY, people who become compromised are often unaware that it’s happening.

For those in positions of leadership, it is vital to remember that every catastrophic failure or unethical decision is preceded by a crisis. This crisis can be personal, or it can be collective across an entire team or organization. This means that to avoid unethical decisions or behaviors within an organization such as a forensic science laboratory, the crisis must be recognized and dealt with before it devolves into a catastrophe.

In this special hosting of the TRUE INTEGRITY workshop in partnership with the Association of Forensic Quality Assurance Mangers, we will conduct a deep exploration into the key foundational principles of ethical decision-making and how to optimize a team’s environment so that we can trust that ethical choices will be made even when the temptations and pressures are unusually high.

Average professionals believe they would “never do something like that.” But the key to having a strong ethical composition is knowing that, “yes, I would.”


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Early Registration – $295 (before June 30, 2024)

Late Registration – $349 (after June 30, 2024)


Early Registration – $295 (Post-dated on or before June 30, 2024)
Late Registration – $349 (Post-dated after June 30, 2024)
Purchase Order / Invoice – $425 (pay before or after the event)

If paying by check or purchase order, please make checks payable to:

Critical Victories
P.O. Box 2610
Brighton, MI 48116

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