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The New Superior
A Better Way to Be the One in Charge

John M. Collins takes you inside of pressure-packed situations where two opposing styles of leadership confront each other in a primitive and dangerous struggle. In this struggle you will learn that both styles live within you, but only one will allow you to become the leader that people trust when everything is on the line.

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Crime Lab Report
An Anthology on Forensic Science in the Era of Criminal Justice Reform

Crime Lab Report is a comprehensive analysis of issues and controversies related to the use of forensic scientific evidence in American jurisprudence. This is a must-read textbook for students and practitioners interested in the application of science in determining criminal guilt or innocence.

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50 Situations Awaiting Every Forensic Scientist
A Professional Effectiveness Handbook

50 Situations is a personal guide to navigating the unique challenges and circumstances faced by forensic laboratory scientists. In this thoughtful collection of heartfelt advice, humorous reflections, and candid self-admissions, acclaimed forensic laboratory administrator and executive coach, John M. Collins, encourages readers to stand tall in the face of adversity and opportunity.

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HR Management in the Forensic Science Laboratory
A 21st Century Approach to Effective Crime Lab Leadership

HR Management introduces the profession of forensic science to human resource management, and vice versa. The book includes principles of HR management that apply most readily, and most critically, to the practice of forensic science, such as laboratory operations, staffing and assignments, laboratory relations and high impact leadership.

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