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“Coaching is continuing education on steroids. The client is the student, the subject, and the teacher.”

John M. Collins MA, SHRM-SCP
Executive PublicTrust Coach | Gallup Certified Strength Coach

4-in-4 Quick Confidence Program

Learn About our High-Impact 4-in4 QuickConfidence Program

Our 4-in-4 QuickConfidence Program is our standard gateway program for welcoming new clients into our coaching practice.

This program allows us to have a rapid, positive impact on our clients while assessing the appropriateness and potential benefits of additional coaching in the future. Please click the above link for more information.

Getting Started

Form (5 minutes):1. Coaching Suitability Evaluation
Form (10 minutes):2. You Are Here – A Self Check
Form: (20 minutes)3. Coaching Registration and Client History
Video (2 minutes)4. John’s Story
Video (2 minutes):5. About Gallup CliftonStrengths
Video (5 minutes):6. Professional Impact


About Our Coaching Practice (PDF)Coaching Program Options & Pricing (PDF)
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