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Make the biggest jump of your life – right now – in your personal and professional effectiveness.

“John really helped me to get a completely different perspective on a couple of challenges I was dealing with, and helped me to take a different approach.”

Dr. Nicki W. Moore
Director of Athletics and Physical Education
Cornell University

program overview and Details

Scroll the embedded document below to review all of the critical details of our best-in-class coaching program for leaders and experts in authoritative occupations. You can also download our PDFs for printing or forwarding:

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Keep it Fast and Simple
Start with a basic 2-session analysis and discussion of your innate strengths and personality dimensions. You will identify some key priorities to help you address the unique opportunities and challenges you have in your life or career. During this time, you can also evaluate your coach and decide if you would like to continue to the next interval.

Committing to Successive Intervals
Each interval includes a specific number of sessions over a prescribed period of time, ranging from 2 to 4 sessions. Each interval builds on the preceding one, emphasizing a specific phase of growth or progress.

Before each interval concludes, you and your coach will have the option of continuing to the next interval. You will be billed for the first interval prior to its commencement, then you will be billed at the end of your program after all additional intervals have been completed. This unique design gives you more control over your coaching experience.

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