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A best-in-class professional coaching experience based, in part, on the principles and solutions outlined by John M. Collins in his book, The New Superior: A Better Way to Be the One in Charge.

“John really helped me to get a completely different perspective on a couple of challengesĀ I was dealing with, and helped me to take a different approach.”

Dr. Nicki W. Moore
Director of Athletics and Physical Education
Cornell University

Our Clients

We engage and support professionals with high-levels of expertise in authoritative occupations requiring the trust of the public or other consequential stakeholders.

Our clients are usually in high positions of leadership; however, we also work with experienced professionals who are seeking to expand their abilities or deal more effectively with specific problems or challenges.

what to expect

All of our clients begin with a “Positioning Phase” of coaching sessions totaling approximately 4 to 4 1/2 hours. Each client receives secure access to our online coaching portal and the variety of learning materials and exercises that are included.

The duration and scheduling of coaching sessions are coordinate with our clients, depending on their availability and time constraints.

key program elements

  • Client/coach suitability qualification
  • Initial client registration
  • Preliminary client evaluations
  • Coaching suite access
  • Signed copy of The New Superior
  • High-resolution client discovery
  • CliftonStrengths Assessment
  • Big Five Personality Assessment
  • Regularly scheduled private coaching sessions
  • Assigned exercises and learning content
  • Final Professional Priorities Profile (P3) report
  • Consideration for continued coaching

“Professional coaching is like continuing education on steroids; the client is the student, the teacher, and the subject of study.”

John M. Collins MA, SHRM-SCP
Executive Trust Coach | Leadership Facilitator | Author

Situational Coaching

Some clients seek out a professional coaching for support, encouragement, and advice while dealing with specific problems or challenges that may be confronting them.

In this regard, we help our clients tap into their unique abilities and manage their natural, underlying tendencies to “show up” with greater effectiveness and confidence in whatever they are trying to accomplish.

Full-Spectrum coaching

While some clients are dealing with specific situations, other clients are simply looking for ways to increase their overall effectiveness in everything they do.

The interesting thing about coaching, however, is that most of our clients have never experienced the kinds of conversations that they will have during our coaching program. For this reason, they have never really had the opportunity to experience what we call “high-resolution self-awareness.”

It is through this deeper and more enduring form of self-awareness that our clients learn to become masters of their own environments and enjoy levels of confidence that they’ve never had before.

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