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We can rapidly accelerate the growth of our clients’ personal and professional confidence by identifying the patterns of talent and strength that they are uniquely suited to exert in their lives and careers.

4-in-4 QuickConfidence is a comprehensive four-session coaching program that produces surprisingly fast results in terms of elevating one’s professional effectiveness and leadership influence.

4-in-4 QuickConfidence gets its name from our use of four coaching sessions to help meet what extensive Gallup research identified as four critical factors that motivate team members to follow certain leaders:

  • Build trust
  • Show compassion
  • Provide stability
  • Create hope

Culture is something that teams do, not just something they have.”
– John M. Collins

Program Sequence

1. Registration and Preliminary Evaluation
2. First Session – Getting to Know You
3. Take the CliftonStrengths assessment
4. Second Session – Understanding your Strengths
5. Third Session – Reflection and Commemoration
6. Fourth Session – Putting it to Work for You
7. Personal Priorities Profile (P3) Report

Understand your impact On others

At Critical Victories, we carefully study our Gallup CliftonStrengths data and use our insights to help clients make the best use of what they learn about themselves.

In our practice, we have identified 8 impact categories (also known as buoyancy factors) into which all of the 34 talent themes fall. These categories allow us to understand how each of our clients are naturally and instinctively “wired” to have a positive impact on the people with whom they work and interact most often.

Helping our clients understand their buoyancy helps them develop priorities and approaches to leadership that optimize their ability to influence and energize the members of their teams, as well as their friends, family, and other people important to them.


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