Corporate Excellence

Good business happens naturally in healthy organizational environments that bring the best out of their people.  Profits, revenue, influence, and market relevance are best viewed as consequences, not priorities.  

Although this may seem counterintuitive, it makes complete sense.  

Athletes, for example, win championships when they prepare themselves mentally and focus on execution.  The moment they begin fantasizing about the “big win” or anticipating how great it will be, is the moment their performances begin to collapse.  

Four Critical Questions
We ask our clients to consider and discuss four questions aimed at evaluating how organizational culture is fueling or hindering progress:

  1. What are you paying attention to?
  2. What are you striving for?
  3. What are you ignoring?
  4. What are you coping with?

The above questions can be asked of persons and organizations alike.  As teams and individuals, we are strong at those things to which we pay attention, and we are motivated by the significant, transcendent goals that unite us with our colleagues.  Yet we are weak in those areas where we ignore reality, while our creative and productive energies are drained by having to cope with hardships that come between us and our goals.  By asking, considering, and discussing these four questions, we can gain clarity and confidence by creating a healthier relationship with reality.  

The Stakes are High
It is stunning how many organizations pay little attention to their organizational cultures.  Yes, they know what culture is and think it’s important, but they don’t give it the focus it needs.  Think of your organization’s culture as being like your business’s most expensive piece of equipment.  Like a piece of equipment, if you don’t maintain it, monitor it, and repair it when it breaks, it is more likely to produce catastrophic failure.  

On the other hand, some of the most progressive businesses make culture priority #1.  Some even employ Chief Culture Officers, high-level executives whose job it is to monitor and maintain organizational culture.

A Champion’s Way
Critical Victories excels at working with people, teams, and organizations who want to do more than survive – they want to thrive!  Through professional consulting, coaching, and hosting our Corporate Excellence Workshops, we bring a unique and fresh perspective on how to ignite sustained corporate competitiveness by adopting specific methods and strategies aimed at building and retaining a healthy organizational culture.