Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence for High-Stakes Professionals

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If you’ve taken the assessment:

We are currently in the beta phase of our program, which means we are gathering data and will use it to help our clients understand their emotional strengths and weaknesses on a quantitative scale.  We anticipate completing the beta phase in October 2020.  If you have taken the assessment, we will contact you when we have our data sets organized for your review and comparison.

Please check back to this page as we build our database and establish our scoring levels.  Thank you for being a part of this important project!

About the Assessment:

Our assessment measures and compares strengths and weaknesses in the following domains of personal and professional effectiveness:

  1. Self Positioning – the ability to manage one’s self in a variety of situations
  2. Relationships – the ability to create and maintain healthy connections with other people
  3. Environmental Positioning – the ability to deal with circumstances and situations as they arise
  4. Priorities – the ability to self-organize and manage time
  5. Past Experiences – the ability to selectively draw strength from one’s life journey
  6. Future Outlook – the ability to anticipate the future in a constructive way 
  7. Decision Making – the ability to make choices based on careful analysis and reflection

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