Executive Accelerator




You Can!

Accelerate your Leadership

to the Executive Level



Maximize your confidence

Expand your capabilities

Build your character

Earn and retain your team’s trust

Grow your leadership influence


How would it feel to master your ability to:

  • Lead a 21st-century, diverse workforce under any conditions?

  • Be regarded as an effective, trusted executive leader?

  • Grow the abundance of your human and fiscal resources?

  • Design and execute effective organizational strategy?

  • Motivate and engage employees with confidence?

  • Develop and retain top talent?

  • Assert multi-directional organizational influence?

  • Evaluate and strengthen an organization’s culture?

  • Improve team function and cohesiveness?

  • Deal effectively with conflict and difficult personalities?

  • Minimize the impact of personal biases and destructive attitudes?

  • Feel confident and unflappable when the stakes are highest?


  • 12 weekly learning modules
  • Thought-provoking videos and articles
  • Personal facilitation guides
  • Personal exercises and assessments
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Facilitated team exercises and meetings
  • Weekly communications from your coach
  • Progress tracking and measurement
  • Expert certified* instruction

* Our program is administered and taught by John M. Collins MA, SHRM-SCP


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Public Safety Programs

Executive Accelerator for Forensic Science Professionals:   Click Here

Forensic science is the ultimate high-stakes occupation.  As forensic science grows in its complexity and value to our criminal justice system, leaders will be required to demonstrate the highest levels of skill.  The Executive Accelerator for Forensic Science Professionals is the next generation of leadership development for this critically important profession that affects our quality of life every day.

Executive Accelerator for Law Enforcement Commanders:   Coming soon!



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