Expert Witnesses

Expert Witness Coaching

Few endeavors are as challenging as serving as an expert witness in criminal or civil litigation.  

In the United States especially, expert witnesses are confronted with the solemn responsibility of sharing their knowledge and judgement in an environment where they are afforded little control and little flexibility.  It requires, professionalism, compassion, and patience to earn respect as an expert witness.

Our coaching program focuses on some or all of the following areas to help expert witnesses perform more effectively in the courtroom

  • Approaching the witness stand
  • Taking the oath
  • Etiquette and demeanor
  • Verbal communication
  • Body position and control
  • Voir Dire
  • Direct examination
  • Cross examination
  • Establishing the basis of opinions
  • Answering difficult questions

About the Coach
John M. Collins, an executive coach and founder of Critical Victories, has testified approximately 130 times in criminal trials in multiple states.  These included capital murder trials in which the death penalty was at stake.  John also has experience testifying in Daubert hearings, where the scientific underpinnings of an expert’s opinion are challenged with considerable intensity.

Expert witnesses play a critical role in today’s systems of criminal and civil justice.  As evidence becomes more complicated and nuanced, quality experts are needed to assist the court in understanding the evidence and applying the specialized knowledge that is needed to answer the questions of the court.