Executive Retreats

Executive retreats and other kinds of team-building events are effective in raising morale, improving strategic focus, and identifying key opportunities to enhance an organization’s way of doing business. The value of these events, however, increases remarkably when they are professionally facilitated.

John M. Collins is an experienced facilitator, having facilitated events in both corporate and governmental contexts. In 2015, John facilitated a highly sensitive discussion among a panel of experts who convened at the Rayburn House of Representatives Office Building in Washington, DC. An audience of approximately 100 people attended the event, which was also webcast to hundreds of viewers across the United States and overseas.

John has a gift for keeping people focused and engaging them in meaningful discussions that produce deep insights and exciting possibilities.  Let John help your team produce and connect at its next event.

Mentors Among Us – Showcased Learning Conversations

Mentors Among Us is a one-of-a-kind program for organizations in which facilitated conversations are held with key players or leaders in front of an audience assembled at the organization’s place of work. Many organizations have members of their team who have a lot to teach us.  Perhaps they are nearing the end of their careers and want a venue in which to share their story and unique perspectives.  Or maybe you have a member of your team with such a unique background that others in your organization can learn from her or him in a facilitated conversation.  

If you have a mentor among you with a message and perspective from which others in your organization can learn, please let us know.  We will come to your location to conduct some pre-interviews before scheduling our main event.  Your staff will value the opportunity to learn things about their most respected colleagues that they never knew, and you will infuse in your organizational culture a greater degree of respect for those with experience and a track record of professional success.

If you have someone you’d like to showcase, we’d like to interview them in front of your team.  Mentors Among Us allows your people to learn from the inside.  Contact us for more information!