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Welcome to our forensic science programs page. Below we have programs for individuals and teams. Please browse our offerings and register for those that interest you.

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Join your host, John Collins, every two weeks for this one-of-a-kind discussion about issues and opportunities facing the forensic laboratory community. The Crime Lab COACH Cast is released on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. Each season ends after Thanksgiving and begins after the New Year.

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personal training and development

The New Superior – Executive Coaching Program

Dates: Available at any time

Fee: $4,985 per person

Time Commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours per week over three months, depending on client needs and aspirations.

Modality: Online or In Person (most sessions are held in our Zoom meeting room)

Program Structure: Four coaching sessions over 3 months, with assessments, supplemental learning assignments, and personal reflection exercises.

Video: About The Superior Program (4+ minutes)

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Advanced Expert Witnessing for Forensic Laboratory Scientists (Online)

2023 Dates

  • Feb 13-16
  • Mar 20-23
  • May 8-11
  • Jul 10-13
  • Sep 11-13
  • Nov 13-16

Fee: $440 per student

Modality: Online (live available upon request)

Time Commitment: Approximately 18 hours over 4 days


Course Information

Intelligent Influence (Online)

2023 Dates

  • Feb 22-23
  • Apr 26-27
  • Jun 21-22
  • Aug 29-30
  • Oct 4-5
  • Dec 6-7

Fee: $240 per student

Modality: Online (live available upon request)

Time Commitment: Approximately 8 hours over 2 days


Download Course Information

2023 Dates

Begins on the first Monday of each month, excluding January and September.

Fee: $240 per student

Modality: Online

Time Commitment: Approximately 18 hours in the first week, followed by a final examination that can be completed at any time during the second week.

Go to Course Portal and Registration

The Professional Accelerator for Forensic Laboratory Scientists (Online)

2023 Dates

The Professional Accelerator is available at all times for forensic laboratory scientists looking for high-quality opportunities to amplify their overall professional effectiveness, all under the watch and support of a trained, qualified leadership coach. The program lasts six weeks and concludes with a private 90-minute coaching session that reinforces the learning and inspires continued commitment to progress.

Fee: $1,495


Video: About the Professional Accelerator (4 minutes)

Download Course Information

team Effectiveness training and coaching

Strength-Based Leadership and Teamwork (Live Facilitation)

Fee: Please request a quote

Modality: Live at host organization

Time Commitment: Approximately 16 hours over 2 days

Post-Event Reinforcement Coaching: Available Upon Request

Download Course/Event Information

Full Infusion – One Year Coaching, Training, and Consulting for Laboratories

The Full Infusion program is a limited-availability, coaching and consulting program in which John Collins becomes a part of your team for one year. As part of the Full Infusion package, your team members have access to all of our training and coaching programs.

Full Infusion is a significant commitment requiring considerable managerial and professional desire for individual and organizational improvement. This is for serious clients only. If you are interested, you may use the following resources to begin the process without any obligation. We will provide you a quote upon request.

Download Program Information

Video: About the Full Infusion Program (10 minutes)

Full Infusion Forms

Host Organization Registration

Preliminary Executive Analysis

Chain of Commitment

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