Professional Accelerator Forensics


Begins October 5, 2020


Limited to 20 Participants


10% discount for graduates of our professional orientation school


Introduction Video:  4 Minutes

Article: Professional Intelligence – PDF

General Information – PDF

Specifications Sheet – PDF

Facilitator Bio – PDF

Registration (Online)

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“Professional intelligence gives expertise its warmth, charm, and humility.  It’s what justifies the trust we place in experts.”

John M. Collins MA, SHRM-SCP
Program Facilitator and Instructor
Executive Coach & Leadership Faciliator

Learning Outcomes

Participants will experience remarkable gains in their professional knowledge and capacity to:

  • Feel motivated and engaged at work
  • Contribute to the overall well-being of the laboratory
  • Communicate with more tact and diplomacy
  • Build and nurture healthy workplace relationships
  • Manage conflicts in the workplace
  • Embrace and enable change and innovation
  • Earn the trust and confidence of laboratory leaders

Program Summary

A sustained 6-week training and coaching program for forensic laboratory scientists seeking to expand their individual effectiveness and influence.

Participants are guided through weekly learning modules supported by videos, articles, personal exercises, assessments, and other tools designed to facilitate personal growth and reflection.

A one-hour private coaching session is held during the final week. Two group coaching sessions with professionally facilitated conversations occur in weeks 1 and 3.

As personal growth occurs, it serves as a platform on which to build each student’s individual effectiveness and ability to make valuable contributions to her/his forensic science laboratory.

Program Topics

  • The Case for Consummate Professionalism
  • Evaluating Your Impact on Others
  • The Importance of Being Coachable
  • The Art of Self-Regulation and Poise
  • Thinking Habits and Attitudes
  • Performing Under Pressure
  • The Difference Between Jobs and Careers
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personality Styles and their Impact
  • Personal Happiness and Lifestyle
  • Managing Time, Energy, and Priorities
  • Intelligent Influence and Teamwork
  • Earning Respect, Trust, and Confidence
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
  • Embracing Change and Innovation
  • Leadership and Followership
  • Conflict and Difficult Personalities
  • Making Smart Career Choices
  • Contributing to a Healthy Team Culture
  • Common Causes of Self-Sabotage

Time Commitment

Our program is designed to accommodate the most demanding schedules.  Participants should expect to commit approximately 2-3 hours per week, which can vary from week to week.  Our group coaching conversations can be recorded, so participants can view a session if there is a scheduling conflict.