Training & Education

Forensic Science Training & Education

Our workshops are designed to deliver informative, entertaining, and reasonably priced training and education to forensic science professionals of all levels of experience.  Our goal is to support the efforts of today’s forensic science organizations in developing scientific, administrative, and occupational talent.  

Menu of Workshops

Go to Workshop The 410 Forensic Lab
Become and unstoppable team by incorporating 10 principles of excellence at all 4 levels of organizational authority.  Based on the new book by John Collins.

Go to Workshop The Coaching Leader – A Workshop for New Forensic Supervisors
You don’t have to be a great leader to provide great leadership.  This workshop emphasizes specific methods and strategies for leading an effective laboratory team.

Go to Workshop Professional Orientation School for New Forensic Scientists
An introduction to the profession of forensic science and the operations of crime laboratories for new forensic professionals.  An excellent way to orient new laboratory employees.

Go to Workshop Professional Ethics & Integrity
You’ve never attended a workshop like this.  It is a fresh, thoughtful, and enthusiastic examination of what it means to be a responsible and trustworthy forensic professional.  

Go to Workshop Critical Competencies for Successful Forensic Laboratory Management
An intensive leadership workshop geared for experienced forensic laboratory managers.  We explore the challenges of leading forensic science personnel in today’s political and judicial climates.