Critical Competencies for Successful Forensic Laboratory Management

This event is a multimodal learning program that is designed to expand and refine students’ understanding and awareness of effective forensic laboratory management.

The first day of the program is an educational session in which the instructor’s teaching will lay the groundwork for the clinical session that takes place on the second day. During the clinical session, the students will participate in hands‐on exercises and case studies, all of which will test their critical thinking skills related to management and leadership in a forensic science setting. They will also have an opportunity to discuss contemporary issues affecting them and their organizations.

An optional 3rd day is available for the in‐depth study of actual cases involving complex labor disputes and personnel issues.


Attendees who complete this workshop will:

  • Gain an appreciation for scientific and police cultures and their historical evolutions
  • Learn how to establish and sustain rhythm and predictability within their organizations
  • Understand the role and importance of personality and leadership types
  • Have elevated confidence in managing conflicts and stress in the workplace
  • Know that emotional intelligence is the primary predictor of leadership success
  • Have enhanced capacity to improve an organizational culture and build effective teams

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