Professional Ethics & Integrity

Instructor:            John M. Collins Jr. MA, SHRM-SCP
Duration:               2 days Location: Determined by client agency
Times:                      9:00 AM – 4:00 PM or as determined by hosts
Audio/Visual:       Projector and screen, sound connect via 1/4”, 3.5mm, or XLR if possible

About the Workshop

Integrity is personal. It is achieved through maturity, self-awareness, and strength in the face of temptation. Professional Ethics and Integrity explores the capacity of forensic science professionals to recognize and manage the personal and cultural factors that result in ethical decision-making, and why remarkably unethical decisions can be made by good people.

This workshop is unique in that it presents ethical behavior and integrity as forms of strength, meaning that failures are usually not the result of bad people making bad decisions, but rather by good people who have succumbed to fatigue. We are what we deliver. Our work in forensic science must be based on a full understanding of how forensic science fits in our society’s overall pursuit of justice and due process. In this demanding environment, expectations must be met, relationships nurtured, and professional reputations preserved.

Learning Objectives:

Attendees of this workshop will:

• Understand the meaning of ethical behavior and professional integrity

• Recognize their own vulnerabilities to temptation

• Learn how cultural chaos erodes professional strength and integrity

• Have strategies for better managing their own attitudes and thinking patterns

• Appreciate the importance and complexity of professional responsibilities in forensic science

• Feel motivated and energized to elevate their performance and professionalism

• Be encouraged to maintain healthier professional relationships with customers and stakeholders

• Understand how adversarialism in our criminal justice system creates temptations to misbehave

• Refine their skills as expert witnesses

• Recognize the importance of clarity and transparency in scientific inquiry

• Learn constitutional and legal requirements affecting their credibility

• Study case scenarios and apply methods for evaluating their severity

• Be better prepared to handle sensitive workplace issues related to ethics and integrity

Learning Materials

Attendees will receive a professionally bound and printed learning manual with slides and supplemental learning references. Event Fee: A single, all-inclusive event fee is charged to a hosting agency. If applicable, students can also be invoiced individually, especially when students from multiple agencies will be attending a single event. The approximated total price of this event is $7,500 depending on the number of students and the anticipated travel costs.  Our office will provide prospective clients with an accurate cost estimate upon request. Significant discounts for scheduling multiple events are also available. For more information please contact us at (517) 803-4063 or