Professional Orientation School for New Forensic Scientists

A comprehensive professional onboarding workshop for new forensic scientists, with a final examination administered at the end of the course.  To date, we have had approximately 200 students take and successfully complete our course.  Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to accelerate your learning!


Information and Instructions


1st Monday of each month*

*No classes held in January


Class Schedule

Lectures & Modules: (Mo,Tu,We,Th)
Guided/on-demand learning

Registration Fee

Fees may be paid by credit card or by check.  We can accept checks after the start of school if you require time to secure funding approval.

Registration Options

With the growing popularity of our school, we’ve created new registration options that allow for both  individual and group registrations.

Please visit our registration page where you can:

  • Register a student
  • Register a group

Group discounts provide a savings of up to 40%.

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Student Welcome Video

Administrators’ Information Video

What to Expect

Below, we have provided some information about what students can expect and how it will affect their schedules:

Total Time Commitment

During the first week, total instruction time amounts to approximately 12 hours, which includes four video lectures and approximately 9 hours of on-demand instruction, which students access as their schedules allow.   

Preparing for the School

Prior to the start of the school, our instructor will contact each student with important information. There are no special preparations that students must execute in advance of the school. Everything they need to know will be provided ahead of time by email.

Week 1 – Lectures

Pre-recorded video lectures are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Each lecture lasts approximately 20-30 minutes for a total of approximately 2 hours.  

Week 1 – On-Demand Learning Modules

After each lecture, students will be instructed to access the learning modules associated with each lecture.  Over the course of week 1, students can expect approximately 9 hours of total learning time, or about 2.5 hours per day.

Week 2 – Final Examination

Week 2 is reserved entirely for students to prepare for and take the final examination.  The final examination is online and must be taken in the presence of a laboratory supervisor who will certify that the exam was taken without assistance.  

Preparing for the Final Examination

We recommend that students spend approximately four hours in preparation for the final exam, which can be taken at any time during week 2, as long as it is taken before midnight on Friday.  There is no instruction during week 2.

Final Coaching Session

Each student is required to participate in a live coaching session with the instructor.  This session lasts between 60-90 minutes.  During this session, the instructor will ask students some questions about their learning experience and give students some final thoughts and words of encouragement.