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Welcome to the Student Portal for the Professional Orientation School for New Forensic Scientists.  This is your online classroom where you will access all the lectures, lessons, and materials you will need to support your learning experience.  The portal is closed to public access when the school is not in session.  

Caution:  To enhance the educational experience of our students, we provide links to suppemental online videos that are published in the public domain.  As with all internet content, accessing these videos carries the risk of being exposed to content that some may find offensive or not appropriate for children or those working in a professional setting.  Please exercise caution and make every effort to comply with your employer’s policies on the usage of computers, devices, the internet, and social media.  



Welcome to the student portal!  From here, you can navigate through your learning experience by easily selecting one of the options in the boxes above.  To go to class, click on the correct day of the week.  From there, you will have everything you need to participate!

A Message from your Instructor


Student Learning Manual & Check-In

Before class begins, each student should download and print a Student Learning Manual.  To prepare properly for the school, please follow the instructions provided.

Student Learning Manual (pdf)

Please check-in prior to the start of class:

Student Check-In

Commit the Time

We know you are busy.  Who isn’t, right?  Please make the effort to commit the time needed to go through each of the learning materials that we have provided you here in our online school.

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Print the mentored learning handouts for each module
  • Find a quiet place to listen to the lectures and learning podcasts
  • Study with a coworker if one is taking the class with you
  • While listening to the podcasts, follow along in your handouts

Proctor Certification and Instructors

Supervisors must certify their proctorship using the form link below:

Proctor Certification Form

Supervisors must certify the following:

  • that the examination was completed in 90 minutes or less
  • that the student(s) were unassisted with no study materials within view during the exam
  • that the integrity of the examination was maintained at all time


If you have any problems during the school, please email the instructor at or call (517) 803-4063.