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Trustworthy Leadership in Public Safety Organizations

We specialize in the optimization of communication, collaboration, and culture for clients who matter.

Potential is capability that's not producing value - how much is it costing you?

    • Your team matters
    • The pressures are high
    • High expectations challenge your culture
    • You’re proud of your mission
    • Your vision is clear
      • Your people are engaged
      • But….there’s something else
      • Something’s holding you back
      • What is it?

Your team has another gear - let's make the shift.

Our signature Full Infusion™ method combines principles of forensic organizational analysis with executive coaching and facilitated professional learning to:

  • Identify barriers to effective execution
  • Grow individual effectiveness at level
  • Establish rhythmic communication patterns
  • Elevate organizational optimism
  • Build coaching and mentoring talent in-house
  • Nurture healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Stop the bleeding of revenue and operational power
  • Vaccinate your culture from toxic personalities
  • Clarify your vision
  • Build customer/stakeholder loyalty
  • Align talent with strategy
  • Celebrate your achievements
  • Earn the future you desire


Public Trust Coach  |  Executive Coach  |  Facilitator  |  Author

I help you identify where energy is being wasted on coping, then we direct that energy to where it belongs – at the cutting edge of your team’s priorities

My clients affect quality of life. Their work is intellectually, technically, and ethically intensive. They matter, and they’re looking for ways to rise above the chaos that’s inherent to their strategic environments.

We do this by scaling up individual effectiveness and rhythmic communication across all four domains of organizational accountability:

  • Executive Level
  • Managerial Level
  • Professional Level
  • Preprofessional Level

What sets me apart

My credentials and experience speak for themselves. I’ve been there. I’ve worked in the trenches dealing with some of the most high-pressure, high-stakes situations imaginable.

I’ve led multi-million dollar teams, restored toxic cultures, turned chaos into cadence, and unleashed the talents of highly-skilled, highly-educated professionals.

“John was fantastic. He was incredibly engaged with the group and very knowledgeable.”

“John is very engaging and professional. He is very effective at sharing stories that enriched the content as well as provoking new thoughts and insights from our team.”

“I really enjoyed how enthusiastic and knowledgeable John is.”

“I enjoy the fact that John had so much experience with his personal work to share and made it more relatable.”

“I am much more secure and confident at work….I feel like I am contributing to the team and have something valuable to offer. I realize that the opportunity to work with John and have a second chance is not something that every firm would have offered to a young associate with essentially two strikes.”

“I’ve never had training with so much engagement from the instructor! It’s clear that you really care about your students. . .”

“John is about the material he is teaching, and it makes me more passionate about it too.”

“John shared many personal experiences on many issues that will definitely help me in further develop as a leader within my organization.”

“John really helped me to get a completely different perspective on a couple of challenges I was dealing with, and helped me to take a different approach.”

Critical Victories works side-by-side with people, teams, and organizations in high-stakes industries and occupations – cultures that are chronically strained by the demands of their work. With a collaborative and optimistic approach, we identify where teams are bleeding revenue and leaking power, then we establish an optimization framework that allows our clients to transcend the pressures that burden them.

Examples of my client's industries:

  • Accounting
  • Aviation
  • Banking/Lending
  • Collegiate and professional sports
  • Criminal justice
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Forensic Science
  • Healthcare/Medicine
  • Law practice (Policing)

What to expect

Detailed analysis
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