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  • Chronic Indecision – Who’s gambling away your team’s future?

    The inability to make a decision can be among the most devastating personality traits of a manager.  No matter how sound or reasonable a course of action may seem, indecisives can’t bring themselves to commit.  As a result, they stifle their teams, kill productivity, and demoralize those team members whose …Read More
  • “Just be yourself” – Why it’s really bad advice

    Like many coaches and leadership consultants out there, I use social media from time to time to express and share interesting ideas that arise during my professional engagements. Doing so allows me to showcase a bit of my expertise, refine my thinking about important topics, and help others whose current …Read More
  • Victims of Big: Surviving a Deadly Corporate Plague

    That growth is both an economic advantage and an existential threat in modern organizations is not a new concept. The dangers of runaway growth are well known and well documented.   In the 1990’s IBM became a corporate comeback story by transforming its self-described “wild west” culture into a harmonized …Read More