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Read the latest thoughts from John Collins Jr., as he reflects on his speeches, presentations and other communications that help leaders achieve their critical victories across the nation.

  • “Just be yourself” – Why it’s really bad advice

    Like many coaches and leadership consultants out there, I use social media from time to time to express and share interesting ideas that arise during my professional engagements. Doing so allows me to showcase a bit of my expertise, refine my thinking about important topics, and help others whose current …Read More
  • Victims of Big: Surviving a Deadly Corporate Plague

    That growth is both an economic advantage and an existential threat in modern organizations is not a new concept. The dangers of runaway growth are well known and well documented.   In the 1990’s IBM became a corporate comeback story by transforming its self-described “wild west” culture into a harmonized …Read More
  • Somebodies and Nobodies: An Interview with Dr. Robert Fuller

    Dr. Robert Fuller is the author of Somebodies and Nobodies – Overcoming the Abuse of Rank.  Last November, I interviewed him to discus the relationship between “rankism” in organizations and their propensity to breed other kinds of hostile or harassing workplace abuse. Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Robert Fuller: …Read More