Legal and Judicial Support

The adjudication of criminal and civil cases can be among the most high-pressure, high-stakes endeavors in the American workforce.  This experience is made even more complex when scientific evidence enters the picture, challenging both the professionalism and skill of litigators and judges.

Our expertise is in the investigative and judicial evaluation of scientific and specialized evidence.  We consult with attorneys and judges to help them meet their responsibility to give expert-opinion evidence the scrutiny that is warranted.  

Scientific Thought Partnering – A New Concept
In 2016, John Collins of Critical Victories authored a widely distributed commentary on the importance of scientific thought partnering in the evaluation of expert testimony.  His words echo the philosophy upon which our legal and judicial practice is built – court officers must partner with experts who know how to subject scientific and specialize evidence to critical assessment.  

A copy of this article can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Scientific Thought Partnering – By John M. Collins

Our Expertise
John Collins has testified in over 120 criminal trials, including Daubert hearings and dealth-penalty cases.  He is among the most respected forensic experts in the United States and he has spoken to hundreds of attorneys and judges about the challenges and opportunities related to the evaluation of scientific and specialized evidence.  A CV is available upon request.