HR Management Book for Forensic Labs

Last month, I submitted the final chapter of what will be my first textbook, HR Management in the Forensic Science Laboratory. To be published by Elsevier under the Academic Press imprint, the book is expected for release in early 2018. It is a culmination of many years spent teaching and advocating for the improvement of managerial and leadership practices in forensic science laboratories by incorporating modern HR methods and strategies. This book promises to be a valuable resource for forensic laboratory administrators, HR personnel, and non-forensic administrators wanting to modernize how they support and lead their laboratories.

Unexpectedly, the writing of this book forced me to reconsider some of my professional priorities. During the project, my son developed a rare and dangerous seizure disorder that temporarily drained me of my creative energy. Then, just when I thought things were under control, Kevin would suffer another seizure. It is upsetting when one’s life becomes hijacked by a crisis, but it happens. Because of the challenges that had to be overcome, however, the completion of my book became a critical victory for me both personally and professionally. And the experience helped me appreciate how important overcoming adversity is to our sense of professional confidence and satisfaction. If you face a crisis in your life, I hope you will press forward knowing that you will be stronger because of it. Adversity is the stuff that gives life perspective.

With my writing now completed and the book in production, I am expanding my business reach by renaming and repositioning my company, the Forensic Foundations Group, so it can work with teams and professionals both inside and outside forensic science. Critical Victories will teach and advance the unique leadership and communication strategies needed in high-stakes industries like forensic science. Success requires team cohesiveness, which only comes by collectively striving to achieve a critical victory, a defining triumph that unites our teams and inspires the best we have to offer. Whether achieving accreditation, moving into a new laboratory, earning certification, or simply completing one’s initial training, it is the prospect of winning a critical victory that keeps us at our best. What is the critical victory that is unifying your team and inspiring your performance? Do you have one? You should. Forensic science is a difficult and often chaotic profession. Making sure that your team is united around a meaningful objective can be the difference between exceptional and average.