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The harassment not making the news

Sexual harassment continues to exist on a grand scale in the American workforce.  And, yes, the covers under which the perpetrators have been hiding are being pulled away. Forcefully. Finally.  But there’s an even bigger story that is not being told, mainly because it does not have the same political and social momentum behind it.   Most workplace hostility and abuse are not sexual in nature.  As sexual predators are flushed out by the brave souls of the Me Too movement, nonsexual abusers are left to continue eroding the quality of organizational cultures across the United States with little risk. […]

Scoundrels Thrive in the Absence of Leaders

“. . . 2017 is shaping up to be The Year of No More.” Harvey Weinstein is the new poster boy for abusive behavior: a Hollywood high-roller who reportedly low-balled vulnerable women with unwelcomed advances and expectations of sexual submission. Until recently, he sneaked under the radar of a town that prides itself on social progressiveness and the championing of women’s rights.   Tinseltown A-listers have come forward to admit that they knew. Yet their shame is poor consolation for the suffering that Weinstein, among the most accomplished film producers in the entertainment industry, apparently inflicted on women who placed their […]